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How I Failed a Startup: What I Learned

In this article, I will tell you how I went from zero; rock bottom! It's much like a personal story but it all started from here; our failures. From the moment you say “I have an idea”, there are a lot of mistakes to make. Each mistake takes its turn and every mistake teaches something different. We have developed this product for you to make these mistakes with the right people.
Yucel Faruk Sahan, Hustler

How we made an App just in 6 Months from Zero ?

This article published in Turkish and read by more than 10k people. The English version will be published very soon. We didn’t have a conversation that started with “Let’s find a good idea ”. We all knew it would be better to try to solve a problem that we know rather than to sit and look for ideas. Do you remember how I stepped into the Valley of Death? What was the biggest problem with my start-up that I couldn’t solve?
Yucel Faruk Sahan, Hustler